The only certified respirator that blocks and destroys viruses. The reusable RespiPro® VK is worn confidently by doctors, nurses, health and safety professionals, tradesmen, and high risk individuals who need respiratory protection. Proven against airborne viruses and bacteria.

Self-Sterilising Nanofibre Respirators:
The RespiPro® VK is EN149 FFP2 certified respiratory protection from aerosols, solid and liquid particles. One of the world’s lightest respirators, the whole surface of the VK is a nanofibre filter with millions of pores per square cm. This nano filter is specifically effective at stopping airborne droplets (up to 99.9% filtration). The combination of two unique features: filtration for pathogens and the patented ability to destroy them, makes the RespiPro® VK ideal PPE for infection control purposes.